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The Service

The service offered for MachuPicchuCoupons.com is a free informative and coupons advertising service for you (the User). These promotions and advertisement are offered for a third party for the acquisition of products or services in their establishments. In this sense, our website only function is to publish the Coupons and/or Promotions with the purpose of giving information to you.

In any case, the information posted on the coupons and/or any other part of the website must be considered for you like absolute, exhaustive or binding to the Advertisers, well, in many circumstances, the information contained in the Coupons is directed to guide you to have access to the most advantages on promotions and/or discounts for your convenience.

Prohibited Uses
This service is rendered exclusively with private purposes, therefore, is expressly prohibited selling or buying it, in the same way, is prohibited any other commercial use of these coupons.
In the same manner is prohibited the fraudulent use of coupons against the Advertisers through modification, edition and/or any other alteration of the same.

The User will take all the responsibility that could result on the prohibited uses and will hold harmless MachuPicchuCoupons.com from any legal procedure or process derived from those.

MachuPicchuCoupons.com is not responsible on controlling neither supervising and does not assume any liability for the following:

The Coupons terms and conditions
The quality, safety or legality on goods and/or services offered for the Advertisers.
The coupons content veracity and legality.
The accomplishment of legal requirements to offer and sell products and (or) services, like the capability and legitimating of the Providers (Advertisers) to advertise their goods and services.
The updates and changes made for the Advertisers on their Promotions or Coupons, and in overall.

Any other information that was given by us, through links (third parties), that could be found in this website.
In this sense, MachuPicchuCoupons.com will not be responsible for any harm or damage caused for the use of these coupons. Any complaint about the content of coupons should be presented exclusively before the Company who is releasing the coupon

Liability before products or services offered on this website

In the eventuality derived of the Service that MacchuPicchuCoupons.com offers, mercantile transactions happen between the Users and the Companies who offers their products on this website, we won’t assume any kind of responsibility for any harm or damage derived from these; especially, but without limitation, MachuPicchuCoupons.com will not be responsible for the following:

The quality of the products or services acquired.
Harm or damage to Users and/or to their assets or to a third party beneficiary of the products or services like the result of any attributable cause to the Provider.
Solvency of Users neither Providers, either their reliability to contract.
In this sense, MachuPicchuCoupons.com will not be responsible for any harm or damage derived of Contracts signed between Users and Providers. User and Providers expressly disclaim to any and all kind of legal action against us, in relation to their transactions under contract and out of contract, and obligate themselves to hold harmless MachuPicchuCoupons.com before any and all responsibility.

Terms of Use are subject to change without notice

MachuPicchuCoupons.com could modify the Policies, Legal Notices or Disclaimers contained in this agreement without notice. Therefore, we encourage the user to check the Terms of Use before using this website.

Force of Clauses
In the case of any of the preceding Clauses be declared invalid, void or inapplicable, the others dispositions of the present Terms of Use will remain in force. All notifications sent to Users from us will be considered efficient when we use the following ways:

Answer to emails received on our email address info@machupicchucoupons.com
Emails sent to the user email address
Mail sent to user’s address, in the case the user provided such address to MACHUPICCHUCOUPONS.COM.
Information we provide through pop-up messages or flash banners inserted along the use of this website.

Jurisdiction and applicable law
Both you and MachuPicchuCoupons.com agree that the statues and laws of the State of New Jersey shall apply to any actions or claims arising out of or in relation to this Term of Use Agreement or your use of this Site, without regard to conflicts of laws principles thereof. You and MachuPicchuCoupons.com also agree and hereby submit to the filing of any claim exclusively in the Jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey.
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