4th Of July – Philadelphia A Must Visit City

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Independence Day in the United States is the most important holiday celebration, and a time when many people travel across the country, and overseas destinations taking advantage of 4th of July travel deals.

Typically 4th of July is celebrated by families at barbecues or at the beach; but many spend the day at shopping malls that offer entertainments for the whole family.

Ceremonies, parades, fairs, concerts, baseball games are happening during the day and fireworks at night across the country; a patriotic pride fills the hearts and minds of Americans who celebrate with great excitement the day that the Thirteen American colonies were declared new nation, and freed from the Britain dominion.

It was in Philadelphia, on July 4th, 1776 when the Founding Fathers of America signed and proclaimed the Declaration of Independence with the approval of the Second Continental Congress.

Philadelphia is a city located in southeastern Pennsylvania, sitting adjacent to the borders of New Jersey and Delaware. Philadelphia is a city full of history with buildings that witnessed the beginnings of freedom in America.

In Philadelphia, Independence Hall (that hosted the Founding Fathers at signing of the Declaration of Independence), Liberty Bell, homes of William Penn, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, Independence National Historical Park, National Constitution Center are important historical places to visit. Visiting galleries and enjoying at eateries of Philadelphia Old City, considered America’s most historic square mile is also a must.

Celebrate this 4th of July the 240th years of Independence of the United States of America; a legacy of determination, courage and love.

Happy Birthday America!

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