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The third time’s a charm, an old saying that came true on our third visit to Frankfurt with Viator Frankfurt Guided City Tour, our best choice for discovering the attractions Frankfurt offers to its visitors.

From May to September, Frankfurt has pleasant weather for enjoying all outdoor festivals; fair amounts of showers on Spring and Summer are usual in normal conditions. Checking up the weather before booking a Frankfurt city sightseeing tour, will assure you a better experience and pictures!

At the Frankfurt Main Hauptbahnhof

At the appointed time ,we arrived Frankfurt (Main) Central Station also called Frankfurt Main Hbf, just two blocks away from our tour bus (check the address provided by Viator on your booking-voucher). A blue hop-on hop-off city tour bus was waiting for passengers at the front of the station, but that was not ours. After talking to the driver, he said we needed to walk a bit to find the open-top tour bus.

The Hauptbahnhof, a building of Renaissance and Neo-classical architecture is operating since 1988, being the busiest railroad station in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt City Tour

Already onboard, our guide explained the tour: A ride by traditional and modern parts of Frankfurt, and a walking tour through Frankfurt Old Town (Frankfurt-Altstadt) and Old Sachenhausen.

The bus headed towards Frankfurt museum embankment (Museumsufer) place of the most important museums and Arts exhibition in Germany and Europe; The Stadel Museum, the German Architecture Museum, The German Film Museum, and the Jewish Museums lay at this famous area on Frankfurt Main Riverbank.

Frankfurt city tour

Frankfurt City Tour Bus

Frankfurt Historical Center Walking Tour

Frankfurt historical center beautiful architecture talks about the strategic role of Frankfurt along the European history. The first written references of Frankfurt are from 794, although there are enough proves that shown Frankfurt as a well stablished city long before.

Frankfurter Römer

The Romerberg Plaza was the first stop on our walking tour. The Frankfurter Römer, one of the most important historical buildings of Frankfurt serving as City Hall since 1405 and the Fountain of Justice, the oldest fountain in Frankfurt, are part of this famous plaza.
The fountain originally made of red sandstone by sculptor Johann Hocheisen on 1611, and replaced on 1863 by one of bronze due to a poor condition.

Lady Justice in Frankfurt is not blindfolded, but watching very alert to make justice; was the remark of our tour guide. The sculpture is holding a scale with one hand and a sword with the other.
After assuring good pictures of the timbered houses, fountain, and plaza our tour headed towards Frankfurt Cathedral.

Fountain of Justice at Romerberg

The Fountain of Justice at the Romerberg in Frankfurt

At Saint Bartholomew Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral, in German Gotischer Kirchturm) was the place of coronation of many kings and Roman emperors.

Between 1562 and 1792 ten monarchs were crowned emperor here in front of the coronation altar. Source:

Saint Bartholomew Frankfurt Cathedral designed by cathedral master builder on 1415 is the most important religious building of Frankfurt. The current cathedral is the fifth known to have built on the same site, and in practice never worked as a church but as an Imperial cathedral for coronation of kings and emperors.

Restoration of the building with Neo-gothic style, after a fire destroyed parts of the building on 1967, was on charge of Franz Joseph Denzinger, Two restoration after the war; the first on 1948 and the last between 1992-1994 gave the Cathedral its current appearance. The Elector’s Chapel, the High Choir, the Tower and the vaulted ceilings, are highlights of Frankfurt Cathedral.

At Old Hauptwache Plaza and Kleinmarkthalle on Frankfurt Historic Centre

Our walking tour continued to Old Hauptwache Plaza; where the Hauptwache building (from where the Plaza takes its name) and Saint Catherine’s Church stand, both of Baroque style. The plaza sits above the Hauptwache Station, and becomes a crossing point of the Frankfurt Public Transportation System.

A curious note about the Hauptwache building (one of the oldest buildings in Frankfurt) is that it was a former jail and Police Station until 1904, when started operating as a Cafe Restaurant until today, a few interruptions for restoration due to damages from the war.

The rain broke up and our tour route changed. With opened umbrellas, we kept walking towards
Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt, the oldest farmers market in Frankfurt. A well-organized and colorful food market providing from seasonal produce, meats, cold cuts and German wurst to specialties, coffee and chocolates.


At the Kleinmarkthalle During our Frankfurt City Tour with Viator

A Ride Through Old Sachsenhausen and Frankfurt Banking Center

Back onboard our bus we approached Old Sachsenhausen, a pedestrianized district of Frankfurt with a very active venue of cafes, bars and restaurants. The Frau Rauscher in the Frankfurter Klappergasser is the most famous fountain in Old Sachsenhausen. The fountain’s figure spits water on intervals, wetting distracted walking people.

Our tour is almost ending but an important area of Frankfurt is waiting for us, the Frankfurt European Banking Center with its magnificent skyline. Its similarity with Manhattan skyline have given Frankfurt the name of Mainhattan.

Frankfurt is the current financial capital of Europe and a business hub, the city hosts the European Central Bank (ECB, in charge of the Eurozone currency. Frankfurt banking center gathers almost 400 financial institutions of the most important banks in Europe.

Our Frankfurt city tour with Viator is finishing and we are glad about the experience. It was worth the time and money the two hours of learning visiting Frankfurt main attractions.

History of Frankfurt

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