Using Coupons

Can I use coupons to plan my trip?
Yes, you can use coupons from airlines, hotels, tours, car rentals, insurance travel and shows for online bookings in advance.

Do the coupons have an expiration date?
Most of them do;  find the expiration date right in the coupon.

Who can use these coupons?
Anyone who holds an eligible printed coupon with valid code can use these coupons.

If printable coupons, should I get a fine printed coupon?
If using coupons overseas, is better to print and bring the coupon with you to get the in-store deal or promotion.

If printable coupon, can I combined it with other promotions?
Generally, the advertiser will specify the terms of use of the coupon.  Please read it carefully before printing.

If I lose my coupon, can I get a new one?

You can print the same coupon as long as the promotion is in force.

Does the coupon have any cash value?

No, our advertisers offer coupons for discount and savings.

If I return the purchase, Can I use the coupon again?
You can use the coupon if it is still in force, or print a new one.