About Us

Machu Picchu, the ancient city in Peru is the inspiration for our coupon website. It started as a way to connect travelers with those providing promotional coupons in categories related to the tourism industry; on this way, travelers could save and enjoy and businesses providing those discounts could be benefited with more customers consuming and buying from them.

Travelers going to Machu Picchu are world travelers, who like to explore and experience the fullness of each travel adventure they come across. We know Machu Picchu is on their travel list, and also know they are passionate about exploring the world.

MachuPicchuCoupons.com publishes travel coupons to Machu Picchu in Peru and to all other travel destinations around the world; cities and towns with historical and cultural heritage, as well as vacation getaways.

Coupons in travel categories like Flights, Accommodation, Tours, Shopping, Restaurant, Travel Gear, Accessories, Travel Insurance, and Wellness are published on our site.

An important part of the coupons we publish belong to well-known brands from the US, Canada, Brazil, Germany and UK.   Other coupons are shared by travelers and local providers in Peru and other travel destinations.

We love to explore the world and we know how important is for travelers to get great deals when planning a trip.

Our goal is to connect people to great travel experiences.

History of MachuPicchuCoupons

The concept of MachuPicchuCoupons.com  belongs to Millie Marino (USA) and Kate Arce (PERU), who had the valuable collaboration of Uwe Lehnert (Germany).

In 2011, they commissioned the company Exeperu, in Lima to execute its original design.

In 2016 Millie and Kate relaunched MachuPicchuCoupons.com new version this time created by Millie Marino and Kate Arce’s assistance on images and media management.

Our sister websites TheBestWayEnjoyingPeru, TheSmartTravelerShopping, MachuPicchuCoupons-Tours & Activities are extensions of the services of MachuPicchuCoupons.com.

Millie Marino -Founder, and Author at Machu Picchu Coupons.

Millie Marino

Millie is a Peruvian-American entrepreneur with a background in Marketing and Merchandising who lives in the US since 2004.  When she moved to the US, her entrepreneurial’s spirit led her towards means to connect with the Internet market.  

English proficiency was the first goal Millie had to accomplish to connect with the English-speaking audiences through the Internet. At the time she worked part times in hospitality, which helped her to improve her English level with constant practice by speaking with customers, and reading books at breaks while working at NYC restaurants.

Interacting with the public is something I always loved —she says— since now she spends most of her time online,  she still remembers her time working as a hostess in a French restaurant of the Rockefeller Plaza; where she used to greet customers, personalities and celebrities.

In 2007 Millie’s first attempt into ways to make money online was Ebay. Years later she learned to create websites and became an author, blogger and online publisher.

Millie is also a passionate traveler, although she doesn’t enjoy packing; she takes the aid of travel packs to make her suitcases and learned well that “less is more” when traveling.

Other of her interest are The Bible Study, Personal Development, Real State Investing, Public Speaking, Time Management, Charitable Work.

Kate Arce, Co-Founder and Travel Photographer at Machu Picchu Coupons

Kate Arce

While at her last year of her Business Administration career in Lima-Peru, Kate began to work on the project of creating Machu-Picchu-Coupons concept. She is a traveler at heart, who started packing for travel domestically with family at a very early age. Later during her High School and College years she traveled the Coastal, Andes and Rain Forest regions of the Peruvian land, being Machu Picchu, the Colca Canyon, The Amazon River and the Lake Titicaca her favorite places to visit in Peru.

When Kate was 9 years old she visited Germany for the first time with her grandparents and felt in love with everything there that was new to her. Differences in geographies, land sceneries, climates, cultures, and people always fascinated her and that was —she thinks— the impulse for her determination on traveling the world.

Although Kate has traveled only two continents, she has visited almost all the countries of the EU, and several other countries in Latin, Central and North America. New York, Paris, Vienna, and Madrid are among her favorite cities, although she can’t wait to be back in her hometown Lima. Kate resides in Germany from where she combines her passion for travel photography with International Trade Management activities she is involved with.